Hotel Veraneras del Quindío provides tourist accomodation sorrounded by beautiful ladscapes through differente gree-tinted mountains where you will have an excellent view of snow-covered peaks: All this is part of Quindío´s Coffe Cultural Landscape.

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In our Hotel Veraneras del Quindío you will enjoy an unforgettable tour through coffee and green banana plantations and You will visit the basic stages of the coffee agro-industrialization.

The Hotel is located on the main road in a small village named Pueblo Tapao with easy accesibility to different tourist attractions. The Hotel Veraneras del Quindíos architecture is according to the regions cultural identity comfortable and quiet. You can enjoy a nice climate all year (an average 23°C), which will make your stay even more pleasant.

The Hotel Veraneras del Quindío, formerly Hostal Veraneras, is located about 7 miles from Eden Airport and 4.5 miles from the bus terminal with shuttle services every 15 minutes to Pueblo Tapao with Colombias best transport system.

Our staff is trained to offer a special and pleasant stay in the hotel as well as in the deparment of Quindío. Our staff is trained in providing extensive information about tourist attractions and everything related to our culture, the traditional dishes and clothing, and weather information for your trips. The hotel offers quality tourism and the best experience in the Coffee Cultural Landscape according to high technical standars. (NTS TS 002)

Eje Cafetero has three states o departament: Risaralda, Caldas and Quindío. Quindío has 12 places: Salento, Montenegro, Filandia, Circasia, Quimbaya, Génova, Calarcá, La Tebaida, Pijao, Buenavista, Córdoba y Armenia


Some comments of our Guests

Some comments of our Guests

We thank our guests for their public or private comments. We will carry on comittedly to offer a better service each day.

The Hotel Veraneras del Quindío promotes the laws and norms that frame its activities

The "Hotel Veraneras del Quindío" is a touristic accomodation in Quindío, localized in the village (corregimiento) of Pueblo Tapao, municipality (municipalidad) of Montenegro, Quindío, Eje Cafetero or Coffee Triangle, Colombia, that permanently tries to offer comfort, satisfaction, environmental protection and the encounter of tourists and their families with the Quindío region and the coffee culture. The quality identifies us and our compromise is with our client, with our social environment and with the regional economic development.

The Hotel Veraneras del Quindío is established legally. We work against exploitation, sex tourism an pornography according to Law 1336 of 2009 (Ley 1336 de 2009). We reject the traffic of wild fauna and flora protected under Law 599 of 2000 (Ley 599 de 2000) and Law 1608 of 1970 (Decreto 1608 de 1970) and we discourage as well the the commercialization of our heritage: Law 397 of 1997 (Ley 397 de 1997) and Law 1185 of 2008 (Ley 1185 de 2008). We protect, valor and promote our Coffee Cultural Landscape: Law 2079 of 2011 (Resolución 2079 de 2011).

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