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This space is for underlining our natural and cultural patrimony of the Quindío department. As well we would like to inform You about events, oportunities or promotions in the tourist destination of Quindío.


The following information is taken from a game about the Coffee Cultural Landscape, released by the National Federation of Coffee Farmers.

Guess the answer...

1. Choose from of of the answer options given by the game. Just one of them is right and You will find the correct answers under the game.

This type of coffee is cultivated and produced mainly in Colombia, Kenya and Tanzania:

a. Washed Arabica high mountain Coffee

b. Robusta Coffee

c. Green Coffee

d. Red Coffee

2. Typical mean of transportation used for transporting the coffee and get the farmers from their fincas to the points of purchase:

a. Truck

b. Neighborhood train

c. Motorbike

d. Jeep Willys or the "Yipao"


Every second Thursday of a month in the "Paraiso del Bambú y la Guadua" and just 3,5 kilometers from the Hotel Veraneras del Quindío a spectacular and special activity takes place. "Bambú Terapia". The hours are from 10 am to noon, maximum group size is 20. Therefore please take a reservation. The prize is $20000.

It is essential to use comfortable clothes in light colors, comfortable shows and a small and a big towel. You can contact the Hotel Veraneras del Quindío to make a reservation.

Topic of the week: Coffee

Colombians identify with their coffee, which is known as the most healthy worldwide. So lets have a closer look on how scientist see the relation between coffe and health.

Researched showed that coffee reduces the danger of Alzheimer, Parkinson and gout and protects the heart. Coffee is antirusting, even more than the tea, it is analgesic and diuretic.

In order to prevent bad preparation and harmful effects for Your health we recommend You:

Consume it without suggar and check the expiry date when buying coffee beans. Dont reheat coffee.

Each week You will find information on this page about this star product of our country. Please support us and send us an e-mail  with information that You find considerable: Thank You very much!


Here You can find a small quiz for You and Your family. At the end of the quiz You can check the correct answers.

Do You know...

1. Which is the country with the world biggest bird diversity?

2. Which characteristics make the birds different from other animals?

3. Which is the best time of the day to observe birds?

4. Which color should Your clothes have while observing birds?

5. Which tools make it easier to observe birds?


1. Colombia

2. The peak and the feathers

3. In the early morning or the afternoon

4. Soft colors which fit to the natural environment, so that the birds are not afraid

5. Silent conversations, binoculars, map and list of regional bird species, a notebook, in which You write down the characteristics of the observed bird: the size, its head, its peak, front, side, back...


Answers Coffee Cultural Landscape Game:


1. a. Washed Arabica high mountain Coffe 

2. d. Jeep Willys or the"Yipao"


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